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Taking care of our children can be a daunting 24/7 task, especially for individuals who have to work outside the home, and those managing special need kids, and perhaps elderly parents also.  It can be extremely exhausting! You can feel sometimes the odds are stacked against you and all your good efforts.   May I offer some workable and practical thoughts to ease a soul feeling overwhelmed.

At one point in my life when I felt I did not have one ounce of anything left to give, I collapsed into an overstuffed chair and gave out a SOS to the invisible air.  Almost immediately, the doorbell rang and I dragged myself to the door.  Although no one was there, a package was left.  It was from my sister.  The book, The Miracle and Power of Blessing by Maurice Berquist, was a miraculous physical blessing!   As I slowly opened the book and read both the preface and introduction,  I was surprised at the invisible energy that flowed into my being.  I was feeling energetic and recharged!  I sat and read as much as I could at that time of  the intriguing content of the book.  Reluctantly, I set the book aside to get dinner for my daughters and husband but my insides were yearning to return to the book.  There was a strange powerful uplifting energy surging through me as I put my daughters to bed.  I returned to the book and read further.  I wanted to understand this blessing power.

I have since consistently applied this magical, marvelous Divine invisible power to change negative events and experiences into good, marvelous situations.  As soon as I started just using the word “bless,” I felt this incredible energy revitalizing me.   I realized how blessed I was to learn about this Divine power.    I also knew from that special moment-in-time experience, I had been shown a powerful technique I could apply to life’s challenges. I learned I had an invisible, loving Divine power conspiring to empower me and show me how to be blessed beyond my fondest dreams.  This Divine loving power is also on your side 100% of the time 24/7.  I encourage you to just start blessing everything you have and quickly you will watch your life get better and better.  Good things will start appearing in your life.  Signs and wonders do follow when you bless all you have!  Do not try to figure out how it can or cannot happen, just be wide awake and keep blessing yourself and your loved ones as you fall asleep and wake up in the morning.

As I am writing and revising this now, July 26, 2015 I get flooded with internal gratefulness.  Learning about the power of blessing people and situations has not eliminated unforeseen challenges of life’s speed bumps and obstacles, but by blessing every person and situations and stating, “Everything is now working out for my/their highest good and the good of all in this situation,” circumstances have unfolded in magical positive ways.

If you are reading this I know it is not an accident.  You were guided here in a way similar to that book arriving at my door at the precise moment.  Whatever situation you are facing, bless it and let something good come out of it.  For my family and myself and as individuals daily come to my mind I declare, “Divine love has already gone before (name the individuals) now, blessing, shielding, protecting, and keeping us/them safe.  We are blessed beyond our fondest dreams!”  May you be blessed this very moment and know you are engraved in the palms of the Divine invisible hands 24/7 (Isaiah 49:16).  The blessing power is with you and available ALL the time.

If you are needing help in any area of your life, just ask the Divine invisible power to show you what to do, or where to go to get good advisement, and start blessing the situation and being grateful now for the marvelous outcome. Believe the Divine invisible power is conspiring for your highest good. Information will arrive! Listen to your intuition and check out ideas that come to your mind.  Bona fide knowledgeable people may come across your path with pertinent information or you may hear something related to how to solve the problem, or you may read something. Follow the leads!  Keep stating to yourself that you ARE already blessed beyond your fondest dreams and something good is coming out of this situation.

If you feel your life and the lives of loved ones are in physical danger, alert friends and family members, and seek professional assistance.   Please reach out to those who can help.  That might be one of the blessing connections.  Know you are loved!

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