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My nickname is Maddie.

Madeline is loved!

Children all over this globe deserve an opportunity to know they have been Divinely created.  Therefore, before leaving the mother’s womb and entering this planet, children need to feel they are wonderful and shown a lot of love!  As they grow and develop they often encounter individuals who say unkind things to them and about them.  Words can build children up or tear them down. 

This book, My Wonderful Bear and Me:  Teaching Children How to Handle Negative Feelings, was written specifically to give children an opportunity to have a tool to manage unkind words directed at them.  Talking to a stuffed bear or any stuffed animal or make- believe toy friend is a great way to soften the hurt of unkind words.  It is easy for young children to tell a make-believe friend how they feel about an kind experience they may have had.  

Everyone who has seen and read this book has expressed the joy from the good feelings it gives.  I wrote it with love to let every child know how wonderful they are just because they have been created!  All children deserve to be shown love and spoken to appropriately including when reprimanded. 

All adults  in the lives of children are role models.  WE show them by our words and our behavior how we want them to become growing up.  OUR adult actions speak volumes. 

May each child receiving this book be blessed, as well as,

the giver of the book. 

Feedback is welcome with kindness.

From the heart,

Twyla Sue McConnell